Magnana Mouse For America

I need to be extremely clear about something:

Magnana Mouse Citizen Media and candidate endorsement.

Magnana Mouse Citizen Media
Magnana Mouse Citizen Media

Magnana Mouse Citizen Media is not a purely journalistic endeavor.  No original news.  It’s reporting on reporting with smart, witty captioning and a scientist’s precision toward the North Pole of sourcing.  There is opinion thicker than amber.  But, it is always true to ethical journalistic standards.

That brings me to Magnana Mouse.  Of course, anyone who knows anything about me knows I would eat glass before swallowing a future stained by the neo-confederate, dirt-dumb, utterly bigoted and nationalist rotting remains of the now defunct, bankrupt Republican Party corpse.

But, it does get a little complicated come our Democratic party‘s primary.  I have recently been called a “liar” for communicating to a Sanders superfan that Magnana Mouse Citizen Media wasn’t a “Hillary Clinton site.”  I feel a need to clarify, so I shall here in this relatively unused biopic WordPress page I’m half-cocked attaching to my connection to the site.

To be clear, Magnana Mouse Citizen Media is a VIRULENTLY pro-America endeavor.  Not monolithic empire warring halfwitted amoeba America we’re known to the world as of neocon Dubya-late, but of the America we were promised as kids. Remember that America?  The one espousing equality;  the one that was the proud melting pot of the world; the America that was the peace-revering standard bearers for and defenders of liberty and justice.

Yeah, that America.

America Promise of Hope

Magnana Mouse Citizen Media as a reflection of me is VIRULENTLY pro-Democratic party-centric.

Know you dig.

That now brings it to the site and Hillary Clinton.  I am extremely pressed for precious crumbs of spare time because of my play in the game this all centers around.  I am fortunate to have two trusted friends and former colleagues helping with the upkeep of this wonderland, here — both of them my seniors — Steven D’Mused and Tom Ellsworth.  Between the three of us, we know and work / have worked with most of the people associated with Democratic (and independent) electoral staffs and the charitable donors to all of our progressive / liberal ideologies.  Basically, all the people who work to near flat-line managing the web of relationships it takes to keep water out of the bow and fuel in the ship’s engine.

Sen Bernie SandersAs an idealist, personally, I love and respect all the things Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks up about and all the things I know Hillary also stands for.  I know that we are feeling the waves of frustration from the Tea-Party right and the progressive left for the stagnant ways our institution of government are currently being operated.  There is a backlash against “establishment” players in the game — which is doubly-frustrating, seeing as even amongst the self-professed outsiders such as Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders, their teams of advisors are suffocated by people tethering them to . . . the game of politics necessary to keep ships afloat in times of rough waters.

The people pragmatically-connected to the operational reality machine.

I won’t get into the dark between the dots that few outside the gates speak of, like our old friend Karl Rove and his organizational Veritas PAC campaigning through his “America Rising” SuperPAC.  That’s going on gangbusters, gilded and on fire, but unfortunately, it’s such a brilliantly-designed and operated PR / organization campaign, it does little or no good to shine light on it.

america rising AWhat has me personally supporting Hilary2016 is a simple adherence to the ideals inherent in the tent that our caucus-warriors take shelter in before the next round of attack and the next.

The Blue Tent is my castle.

As much as I find Sen. Sanders’ messaging on point, I know that it is Hillary with the realistic hope to be able to continue the work she was a part of in Barack Obama’s cabinet.  Sen. Sanders isn’t a part of the Democratic party he is vying to serve as Chief Commander to.  Not only is he not a member of the party, he has actively been waging war on the party in his home state for thirty years and is roundly despised by the Democrats he has left in his wake.

Senator Sanders has been very loyal to the ideals the Democratic party represents, cheerleading for Democratic Bills in the Senate he serves in.  For that, he has my respect and admiration.  But, all of us who work in electoral politics know that politics is about getting things accomplished, not about the shiny place in your heart where idealism breathes.  Unfortunately, Sen. Sanders would never have a modicum of chance to be to Democrats what Obama was (is).  And, everyone knows how much even that mattered under the endless barrage of obstruction the GOP laid on him.

Obama wasn’t even remotely the Socialist they claimed (claim) he was (is).

Now, imagine an actual Socialist with few friends in his own party to support and champion him.  This would be an outright disaster.  There is no way that the GOP would ever let a mob-rule self-proclaimed Socialist have an active agenda, let alone have a say on who sits on the SCOTUS bench.

I choose to support Hillary Clinton in this race as a supporter of the Democratic Party and the future of our nation.  Sanders should have a place in the Administration once he comes out and endorses / campaigns for Hillary in the general election.  It just isn’t any more realistic Sanders will become POTUS than it would be for Donald Trump to actually build a 90-foot wall along the Mexican and Canadian borders surrounded by crocodile-filled moats.

That’s my personal take.  Now, to Magnana Mouse.

Again, Magnana Mouse Citizen Media is a Democratic stronghold of news, based on iron-clad sourcing.  It is not a receptacle for grassroots regurgitation of propaganda for any candidate.  It will certainly report on truth that challenges the propaganda flooding social media from the bowels of Rove’s America Rising.  That will include giving our party’s front-runner a voice to crack through the wall of imposed silence and the lies being spread about her.  But, Magnana Mouse Citizen Media is certainly not a “Hillary Clinton site.”  Even as one of our contributing editors designed a custom logo and put the Magnana Mouse logo in it.

I want to say one last thing.  Were Bernie to get pre-primary endorsements from 2/3 of his Senate colleagues (hell, even an impotent half of them), I would certainly open my options.  But, those endorsements are almost entirely stacking up behind Sec. Clinton, who believes in and fights for the same ideals as Sen. Sanders.

Idealism is wonderful, but one dies without respecting pragmatism at the same time.  It’s a populous country, America, and navigating the minefield of electoral opinions is an art wrapped in a precise science.  The Liberal American spirit shall prevail in 2016.

 Magnana Mouse Citizen Media


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