When I was more active on Magnana Mouse Citizen Media, in lieu of being able to be discreet about my identity, friends took guesses about who I am.  They base it not on what I write about the thats I do or who I skirt around who I do it all for.  Easiest to base it on writing tenor and style.  Sense of LOL.  A few were dead set on the belief I am Bill Maher.  Very complimentary, but not really so much.

New Rules

Bill and I have similar political vantages and senses of humor, but sorry, I’m prettier.

To stoke those sleuth flames, here’s a custom new rule.

NEW RULE:  If your Thai restaurant has drivers with the ability to find their way into my condo community to leave your delivery menus on my my door, they better be willing to bring the food I call in straight to my door.  You claim that you can’t get in and make me walk down to get it, then I claim I forgot how to tip.



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