George Soros Supports Civil Rights Justice in Louisiana

George SorosThere is a reason the Right Wing despises George Soros and a reason we Democrats on the Left revere him.  (Sorry Bernie, you can’t demonize everyone just because they have money.)

Mr. Soros just donated $250K to the Louisiana Safety & Justice SuperPac that is supporting Attorney General candidate James E. Stewart.

Why would Soros do such a thing, and why does it give the Republican party fuel to add to their Soros hate machine?  Did you watch last Sunday’s 60 Minutes?  Maybe read the article in the New Yorker about Caddo Parish and their extremist Attorney General, Dale Cox (responsible for a travesty murder of an innocent man, Glenn Ford, convicted despite no evidence, saying that “the system did not fail Mr. Ford.”

Good luck, Mr. Stewart.  And, may America FINALLY abolish the barbaric death penalty.

Thanks to Steven D’Mused for the video and the quote image.


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