The Medicaid Gap

Medicaid Gap

Cross Posted to Magnana Mouse Citizen Media

A lot of people who have settled in various BLUE states and have through the natural course of life,  become sick — become disabled — would love to move back home and closer to the families they once left to migrate toward their dreams and goals.  But, disabled and dependent on their state to aid them through their darkest and most vulnerable times, they are trapped in their new homes because their former ones rest in RED states that have refused to accept Medicaid expansion, because black.  They cannot leave the Democratic-led states that accept Medicaid funds that keep them taken care of and medicated.

And, millions were never fortunate enough to escape their former homes and only know desperation.  Republican-led states that would rather their constituents suffer and die than be helped by a social safety net.

All because a black President offered this life-saving help.  Republican Tea-halfwit governors and state legislators would rather their constituents suffer and die in poverty rather than accept help from an administration that dared lead them fronted by a black man.

This video is about the “Medicaid Gap.”   It’s about the US states that have leaders who have left their poor and disabled in positions of desperation and suffering rather than accept what in essence is their own citizens’ money to alleviate it.


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