The Beginning of the Beginning of Trump’s End


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There is some revelation occurring in real time right now.  I work in a position in a theatre of battle where while not being a primary source for a lot of the most interesting and groundbreaking stories, I know and work around quite a few of them.  All of them either are primary sources on stories you read about, or are primary sources, themselves.

Which brings me to this little essay.  Probably on what will be the biggest story any of us will be forced to digest in our lifetimes.   Leading up to it, I’ve been asked ad nauseum what is going to happen to right the good ship Yankeedoodle?   James Comey (NPR) dropped a match into the right wing gas tank alleging the impending release of the FBI finding nonexistent, damning evidence that implicates Hillary Clinton of an impeachable offense.

Make no mistake, a monumental coup of the United States has absolutely catalyzed under all of our noses.

Again, there has been a coup of the federal government of the United States of America.

This is a crime that involves capital offense allegations against a democratically (if not illegitimately) elected President of the United States.  It’s absolute insanity.

The question is, “is some part of the US government going to do anything about it?”

Well, it seems the pressure cooker is starting to steam.  President Obama just ordered a complete review of the reports completed by each of the 17 US intelligence agencies.

Allegedly, the FBI is implicated in the reports.  This is how the President of the United States is opting to.

Allegedly, the US intelligence agencies have been investigating this since 2014.

And, allegedly, Russia has been developing US politicians as unwitting and in some cases witting assets.  The Soviet KGB used to call unwitting assets “useful idiots.”

Legally, useful idiots are equal co-conspirators in espionage cases.  Ignorance of the law is never a defense.  Equally, ignorance of involvement in espionage of the US government is NEVER a defense.

Sometimes, useful idiots are further developed into the next greedy step:  Once the useful idiot knows he or she is a useful idiot, they are made aware of just how useful they have become to the handling agent. They are made aware of how they are working for a new boss whether they like it or not.

And whether they like it or not.

They’re shown how they have been engineered to present as a double agent against the US.  If they go to authorities, they are crushed.  If they don’t – and they never don’t – they instantaneously become full-on spies for Mother Russia.


This is how intelligence services operate.  It’s been this way since the 1950’s and probably some sort of like this way for a couple thousand years prior.  Right now, this is what USINTEL is investigating.  Allegedly.

EDIT:  You didn’t read it here, but you know how orange Hitler has refused INTEL briefings?  Sources close to the “briefers” gander that Trump avoids them because they focus in great detail on how our intelligence services have concluded that Russia has successfully infiltrated our executive branch by placing an agent into our chief commander position.  Trump doesn’t like hearing how he is effectively an enemy of the state he was just chosen to run.  There is suggestion that Trump figures in a month or so, he can somehow replace USINTEL with some North-Korean types of lackeys that will just tell him what he wants to hear.  Now, as you were.

If it’s going to be an end to the impending Trump / Pence administration, this will be how it happens.

It’s happening.


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