DNC Chair Race Emerges

Cross-posted in Magnana Mouse.

A race for the new chair of the Democratic National Committee (Wikipedia) has developed as Obama Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez (Wikipedia) and Minnesota House representative, Keith Ellison (Wikipedia) have both announced their intentions to run for the seat.


Both candidates are passionate and qualified progressive Democrats and both would be qualified leaders of the party.  The only difference is that Perez represents a continuation of the “Obama Legacy,” as a member of President Obama’s cabinet.  Ellison was endorsed by former Socialist, former “independent,” now Democratic Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (Wikipedia) during his failed Presidential primary campaign earlier this year.

Perez will be available to assume the role this January as his current job is replaced by Donald Trump’s favorite fast food sexual assault queen, Andrew Puzder (NYT).  Ellison can continue representing Minnesota’s 5th district while chairing the party as Debbie Wasserman Shultz (Wikipedia) did very successfully throughout much of Barack Obama’s presidency (2011-2016).  Ellison has indicated that he would, instead, resign his congressional seat if elected DNC chair.  This wouldn’t alter the Democratic minority in the House, as Ellison’s district is very diverse and very Democratic.  A Democrat would almost certainly replace him in a special election (St. Paul Pioneer Press).

Either way, Democrats — all of us — win.


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