The House Leadership Meltdown

You saw Rep. Waters lose her bouncy blue marbles coming out of the closed-door intelligence briefing.

They were all excited going in, thinking they would get answers and be allowed to dress James Comey down.  That was the carrot.  The briefing was deemed “confidential,” so it had the air of being easy going, but stern.  It wasn’t labeled anything that would require overly-restrictive clearance granted for them to just hear it.

And, they get to beat a Comey pinata (New York Times).

Well, Comey gave the performance that everyone thought he would.  Some information running parallel to what the reps learned in their briefing came blew up wide (Independent).  And, they all get to STFU as a reward for their participation, because the information shared is “confidential.”  Not Classified.  No top secret or Eyes Only stuff.  But, the people who most want to share this information with expectant baby birdie constituents who DESERVE to know cannot, lest the reps there face espionage charges of their own.

If I was Ms. Waters, I’d be steamed too.



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