About Me


I’m a political organizer.  A game theorist.  I worked for a non-partisan think tank for some years as a boardroom planning wonk and as a field agent in some projects I produced and cultivated back home in the lab.  Not all of us wear both these uniforms.  It’s usually an either-or life.  I was fortunate to have landed the right mentor.

Now, I work for three coordinated districts.  The various campaign managers / chiefs of staff aren’t all employees of our firm (though some are), but, they’re all assets we work to maintain the air of being their asset.  I aid the heads of three Democratic Senate administrations and 7 congressional ones.  To a lesser extent, I aid some state legislature staffs when they need it (and help them know when they do need it.

My name is John.  I go by Doe, because it would do my staff chairs no good for their staffs or the public to know that they weren’t holding the reigns without training wheels.  We all need help.  I sure do.  I’d be naked without help from the farm.  But, it serves everyone for the chiefs I walk alongside to be seen as strong all on their own.

For years, here, I’ve used an obscure photo of Julian Assange as my profile photo.  Anonymous, to illustrate how irrelevant ego is in this art and in Social Media in general.  That got tired.  I’ve decided to be a little Where’s Waldo, now.  I’ve taken group photos of various staffs I work with.

Some, I’m in.

Some, I’m not.

So, I still wear a veil of anonymity.  I’m not EVER violating an NDA.  And, the way I’m doing this gives plausible deniability that this profile is me.  No one I work with or around in the material world is attached to this profile, which makes it a bit lonely, but not really.  My existence here is for one purpose:  to organize civilians in social media;  to help people use this theater to disseminate valid information to as wide a swath of people as is possible..

I blog some here and in most cases, cross-post them to Magnana Mouse.  I tweet on the Magnana Mouse account.  And, I drive an electric car.  Favorite color is blue.  So, that sums it up.


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