Ossoff Will Win Because Karen Handel is Vile

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You all know Jon Ossoff.  The fighting Dem in GA-06 — Deplorable Neoconservative Newt Gingrich’s old district — fighting to flip it Blue.  Well, Jon is fighting fair and true and is up, albeit just by a hair.

Well, he will win because his opponent is a Vile rotting cancer on the dying Republican Party.  In April, Ossoff’s Republican foil Karen Handel released an attack ad attempting to liken Jon with every cliche that US southerners dislike. San Francisco and Pelosi whatevers:

Sickening fearmongering to scare lowly-informed into forgetting that Handel is solidly behind the secret Republican bill that is attempting to rip healthcare away from over 20 million Americans.

Then, Handel’s fear-mongering was taken to a low-bar level, as her RW Neoconservative Republican campaign team conned Sgt. Grant McGarry into backing up her ridiculous and false narrative that likening Gold Star Family Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents US Army Captain Humayun Khan as TERRORISTS. Handel proclaims that Jon Ossoff is helping ISIS infiltrate the United States through the importation of double agents sneaked in as refugees.

Handel throws her feces on Ossoff’s record as a former congressional aide for U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson who had S//FRD security clearance as . Republicans claim he inflated his experience as a staffer for U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson. Of course Politifact Georgia found no evidence he exaggerated his resume, and there was left Sgt. McCrarry unfairly left dangling in the wind, looking like a liar.

Contrast these ads with Ossoff’s ads reminding Georgians how Karen Handel supports Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s efforts to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with the American Healthcare Act (AHA), which forget about the fact that the AHA is already owned by the American Heart Association, it robs 23 million Americans of their health care — preventing millions upon millions of women from receiving rudimentary cancer screenings.

End with an Ossoff ad that shows not how vile his deplorably-Republican is unfit, but hos HE is fit for the responsibility he’s seeking.

If you haven’t already participated in early voting, Please, PLEASE GOTV and help us RESIST Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell by casting for Jon Ossoff!

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GOP 2.0

Republican 2 pt 0 WP

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We have been concerned for so long with the tea-drunken idiots and christo-fascists on the fringe of the Republican Party that we’ve lost sight of the darkness at the heart of the GOP that fuel all of its legislative darkness:  it’s Libertarian trunk.

The Grover Norquist “let’s shrink the Government to the size we can drown it in the bathtub” wing that takes care of the right’s business while the idiots are making “I can see Russia from my porch” bellowing flash from FOX News through to MSNBC.   While we’re played like cheap, predictable fiddles, people like  Wayne Allyn Root here (WIKI), who was on the Libertarian ticket for President in 2016, are loudly filling the craters being left by Republican pawns falling to their own rooks in a true-life coup shelling of the American government.

This guy, Root, is just the archetype of the kind of noxious Libertarian politician that is  cozying up to Donald Trump as he champions the ghost of the Titanic.  This breed of mutt takes its love of the Tyrant  that completes them to some very strange levels. Root, here, was recorded fantasizing about making passionate love to the Donald every day.  No kidding, as Right Wing Watch captured (AUDIO).

The Libertarian takeover of the GOP may not be a realization of a Gay Nazi cult, but do NOT take your eyes off of of their sexcapade.  This set of people are monsters.  Paul Ryan may be leading the heartless legislative charge to rip away healthcare, but it is the Libertarian domination of Trump’s inner Reich circles (Bannon, etc) who are the real masters of the big top shit-show that is framing out new now and our frightened, unsure futures.




If you live in:

Nevada or

Please call your Senator! We are one vote away from keeping Betsy Devos (Washington Post) away from decimating the Department of Education by putting her in the role as its Secretary.

Numbers below.

Pat Toomey

Scranton office (570) 941-3540
Allentown (610) 434-1444
Philadelphia (215) 241-1090
Erie (814) 453-3010
Pittsburgh (412) 803-3501
Harrisburg (717) 782-3951
Johnstown (814) 266-5970
Washington (202) 224-4254

Rob Portman:

DC 202-224-3353
Columbus 614-469-6774
Cincinnati 513-684-3265
Cleveland 216-522-7095
Toledo 419-259-3895

Dean Heller

Los Vegas 702-388-6605
Reno 775-686-5770
DC 202-224-6244

Jeff Flake

DC 202-224-4521
Phoenix 602-840-1891
Tucson 520-575-8633

If you live in any of these states, please call these Senators. Tell them your name and address and say

“I am calling to ask Senator ___ to vote no on Betsy Devos”

The House Leadership Meltdown

You saw Rep. Waters lose her bouncy blue marbles coming out of the closed-door intelligence briefing.

They were all excited going in, thinking they would get answers and be allowed to dress James Comey down.  That was the carrot.  The briefing was deemed “confidential,” so it had the air of being easy going, but stern.  It wasn’t labeled anything that would require overly-restrictive clearance granted for them to just hear it.

And, they get to beat a Comey pinata (New York Times).

Well, Comey gave the performance that everyone thought he would.  Some information running parallel to what the reps learned in their briefing came blew up wide (Independent).  And, they all get to STFU as a reward for their participation, because the information shared is “confidential.”  Not Classified.  No top secret or Eyes Only stuff.  But, the people who most want to share this information with expectant baby birdie constituents who DESERVE to know cannot, lest the reps there face espionage charges of their own.

If I was Ms. Waters, I’d be steamed too.


What Next?

What can we do NOW to stop this despicable little “man?”

Well, I don’t think it’s in our hands at this point.  As disgusting and utterly frightening as it is, our Democratic process, Soviet interference, and a depressingly-lost near-majority of the MOB have written it into the movie.

So, that leaves mythological saviors.


Let’s see.  What do we have that the almighty could do to save us?  ‘Spose the baby Jesus could get daddy to shoot a meteor into Trump Tower in super-burning bush-style modern Sodom and Gomorrah fashion.

But, alas.  That would be mean to an innocent NYC. A god that vindictive wouldn’t have a following unburdened by chains keeping them all servile.  That’s the kind of god Trump imagines HE is.  Look out, “illegals.”

“This is Murica, god dernit.  We have us a loving god.”

Of course, the loving baby Jesus god wouldn’t have the sick gall to dare take out the many innocent New Yorkers just to make sure he “act-of-god’d” an answer to all our half-sarcastic prayers.  Is  Trump using us all as human shields t0 fend off God?

We get to suffer as the dark cancer of his Tsunami-type movement metastasizes into the American soul.  Not until that happens will we be able to universally appreciate just how jacked up it is to have ever been a Nazi-supporter.

They need seared into them the shame and disgust of being forced to admit that they allowed themselves to be willing partners enabling the Trump Reich, lead by a megalomaniac Fascist Tyrant, instead of doing the moral thing.


The Deplorable’s actions in aiding a carnival clown to become president of anything is twisted.  To have boosted the huckster to the office of the President of the United States is just socially unacceptable.

We have to make it SOCIALLY TOXIC to be an orange Nazi.


Social shaming is all the Right Wing  MOB feel.  It’s all Trump feels.  His marching Brownshirts (Wikipedia) are just his toilet paper — always rolling out to wipe der Fuhrer’s dirty bum.  Selfies are all anyone really gives a nickle about anymore. Showing them as the soiled ass-rags they are is our only hope, Obi Wan.

These are the real thinkers of the Reich — doing and shaking it like the  pretenders they have by all accounts boxed themselves into being.  To these poor folk, rich just happens when America gets it’s great on again.  You now get your millions when you inevitably win the lottery. Cough, cough.

If not the lottery, you’ll obviously have slot machines give it up. Cough, cough.

This MOB is utterly spiritually and socially unaware.

People reared in the US public education system are hardly prepared to resist a professional propaganda campaign.  They’re just not.  Children of the Right are trained to repel facts that veer away from the campaign like it’s a virus. They fight off facts and general reality because they’re SHAMED BY THEM.  Facts rub their dumb in their faces while the FOX idiot echo chamber forcefully soothes their pain.

Our defense to their Crusade towards mass extinction by Stupid is unorthodox.  Bloodless.  We fend off this unwavering dumb by wielding SHAME as a weapon. It must be swung relentlessly.

This is not a fight we can lose and survive.  Donald Trump being made President of the United States is like getting caught in a fireworks stand with an arsonist.  We gonna go boom if we’re not hyper-vigilant.

Yet Another LIE From the Uneducated Orange Hitler


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Newsweek breaks the story about Donald Trump not having a college degree, as he claimed.  Not even one of those YUUUUGE Trump U degrees.

Trump has gone Twitter-silent on the whole thing.

It’s not that he doesn’t have a degree that us mortals went into desperate debt to acquire.  Nope, that would make him a dumbass.  No, he LIED about it and claimed he DOES have one.

A liar on top of being a bigot.  A misogynist.  A sexual predator.  A Fascist Russian double agent Useful Idiot (Politico).  Other than that, a great guy.  Bigly.

DNC Chair Race Emerges

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A race for the new chair of the Democratic National Committee (Wikipedia) has developed as Obama Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez (Wikipedia) and Minnesota House representative, Keith Ellison (Wikipedia) have both announced their intentions to run for the seat.


Both candidates are passionate and qualified progressive Democrats and both would be qualified leaders of the party.  The only difference is that Perez represents a continuation of the “Obama Legacy,” as a member of President Obama’s cabinet.  Ellison was endorsed by former Socialist, former “independent,” now Democratic Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (Wikipedia) during his failed Presidential primary campaign earlier this year.

Perez will be available to assume the role this January as his current job is replaced by Donald Trump’s favorite fast food sexual assault queen, Andrew Puzder (NYT).  Ellison can continue representing Minnesota’s 5th district while chairing the party as Debbie Wasserman Shultz (Wikipedia) did very successfully throughout much of Barack Obama’s presidency (2011-2016).  Ellison has indicated that he would, instead, resign his congressional seat if elected DNC chair.  This wouldn’t alter the Democratic minority in the House, as Ellison’s district is very diverse and very Democratic.  A Democrat would almost certainly replace him in a special election (St. Paul Pioneer Press).

Either way, Democrats — all of us — win.